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05 Jan

Barrington & Fiasco

Barrington & Fiasco

Introducing Australian music duo Barrington & Fiasco (also known as Thrett Jones & Dr. Baz). 

Thrett "Fiasco" Jones & Dr. Barrington are experienced and highly polished entertainers with rich international theatre & music credits as solo artists and song writers, who have recently combined musical forces to develop a unique original sound, steeped in the blues, with sophisticated jazz overtones and a funky acoustic feel.

Drawing on her prolific entertainment industry background, which has spanned stage shows, Hollywood films and award winning Australian TV series, the vivacious Thrett Jones brings rock ‘n’ roll sass, wacky humour and a strong theatrical presence to their act.

An eminently watchable entertainer, her ability to get to the heart of a song, her vibrant energy and her flowing harmonies are a highlight of their show. With a rich deep voice, amazing instrumental versatilty and powerful rhythmic feel, Dr. Baz is a natural born musician whose original songs are accessible and captivating.

Together they deliver their immersive music with chemistry, earthiness & easy-going humour. It’s an engaging show that’s a lot of fun. Visit http://barringtonandfiasco.com.au

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Barry Ferrier

Barry Ferrier (aka Barry Ferrier) is a Byron Bay based Australian musician, songwriter /composer and multimedia designer.


Vixen by Thrett Jones
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