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Doctor Baz aka Barry Ferrier has had a long and interesting career in many facets of the entertainment industry, academia and multimedia design - and in more recent years organic food.

Here are some articles recounting highlights from that story.

17 Jun

Miscellaneous Music Experiences

How many bands have I played in? It's a long time since it was realistic to count. I formed my first band at Beacon Hill High school, and later successfully auditioned for a local band through the Manly Daily and was playing in licensed premises while still at school.

I met Roderick "Crow" Morgan at Sydney University and, after playing in Hyde Park for a Christian Festival where I met my later wife Cammie Lindon, we formed a vocal harmony trio and played at various venues around Glebe, before I auditioned for Jesus Christ Superstar and becoming fully professional. I spent almost two years playing guitar with Jeff St. John and Sacha in venues all across Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. Jeff was an amzingly gifted vocalist with an epicly powerful voice and we travelled together in his specially altered Holden station wagon and spent many hours discussing all manner of things, as Jeff had an inquisitive mind.I was playing with Jeff & Sacha at Chequers Club the night Cold Chisel debuted in Sydney.

I later formed Skeleton Crew with Cammie Lindon, Chris Doyle and Peter Leighton (from Sasha) - blening our madcap theatrics into our funky pop and for a while we were one of the most popular bands in Sydney, playing the Uni of NSW Roundhouse, Dr, Redbirds, French;s Tavern, Bondi Pavolion and countless venues.We travelled to Rockhampton

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Barry Ferrier

Barry Ferrier (aka Barry Ferrier) is a Byron Bay based Australian musician, songwriter /composer and multimedia designer.

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